1STi is a Deep Tech consulting company comprised of a decentralized team of innovators, developers, engineers, entrepreneurs, designers and data scientists committed to the belief that our work is a synthesis of art, humanity, and science.


We see that the path must be constructed by connecting three dimensions of intelligence: artificial, human, and social intelligence. A conscious and intentional movement that nourishes the work of people, the organization of companies and the dynamics of society.


Innovation and Strategy Project

Building Digital Capabilities

Agile Development of Advanced Technologies

We Believe

Technology is an extension of life

Technology expands the fundamental traits of human beings, evolving and empowering organizations, promoting connections, diversity, ideas, knowledge, beauty, and awareness.

Digital Maturity expands the potential of Digital Transformation

Organizations wishing to lead in new scenarios must drive technologies and new strategies for building a digital value chain to advance wisely and sustainably.

Agile Mindset builds dynamic and efficient worlds

Agility not only means speed but ideally the combination of adaptability, stability, and consistency. This dynamic can increase product success and create lasting relevance.

Deep Tech Talks

Broadening consciousness changes businesses and societies. As such, we conduct a dialogue for executives, specialists, social institutions and society who, with us, wish to direct the future in a viable direction.

The first edition held in November 2018.



Our methods and work models are focused on people. To do this, we work with diverse teams that guide deep diving and field study to reach problems from all angles.


Through well-structured methodologies, we expand awareness to evolve as we learn and learn as we evolve. This is when the concept comes alive. In this direction, we explore insights and tools to produce rapid prototyping and feedback.


When the solution is materialized it is time to expand, supported by larger teams and higher speed. We scale what we learn and eventually continue to explore new areas to keep business relevant and sustainable.